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full of love

i stare at you

because i am

your zabooo

the zabooo mantra sums up

what a zabooo is.

they are always there, whether

you're blue or happy.

the longer you have them,

the more they'll love you.

a zabooo is for life.

zabooo toys are designed to be simple

and colourful.  And a little bit quirky.

They have clean lines and easy to read forms.

Animals can be detected in them, but

more importantly  a child (or adult!) can project its own fantasy onto the toys.

We try to work with vibrant colours that complement each other, giving the creatures a fresh yet soothing look.

The fabrics are carefully chosen for their softness and are highly stroke-able. (it's true!)

The creatures have big eyes, to which

you are immediately drawn to.

The zabooos give you the feeling they

are really looking at you.

And who knows, maybe they really are...

the zabooo creatures are made

in  Belgium.

The soft toys are all made of new and certified fabrics.

The plush toys bare the CE certificate,

they comply with the EN 71 norm.

They can be machine

washed on 30°.

(the filling might lose some

of its fluffiness over time)

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