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Hello you and you,

Welcome to the hood of zabooo!

Creatures, poems, wonderings all combined in a website. Ahhh...your dream come true! (mine at least...)

zabooo is a brand for the fun loving searchers of quirky and unusual toys. And soon other things as well! The promises promises...(better keep them!)

All toys are designed and made by me, commander in chief in the zabooo-hood. Although my identity is secret, most people just call me Isabelle. So far for a career as a spy.

We (which is actually just me) hope you like what is made! New things will arrive frequently, so don't be shy to sign up for the ultra glamorous newsletter.

Dank u, Merci and Thanks!


PS: Auspicious dates aside, but the 7th of December seems a very good day to start beautiful things!

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